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Today is - tatarata - the international vegan day! So I thought this will be a good day to talk about veganism. Maybe you're knowing that I'm vegan so I will tell you some things about my experience. Why I am vegan, if I eat full vegan, if I like it and why, what my family and friends said and some more question I wanted to know from other vegans as I was going to be one. Obvious I will write some other blog posts about veganism later, but this one is going to be something like a little guide, just rough. So, I hope this will help you a bit and enjoy getting into the vegan lifestyle :). (Warning: You will see a lot of food pictures so may you could get hungry ;))

i am vegan because...

  • I love animals such so much (I can say more than humans), so I just don't want to be bad to them. I want that they're happy and just not in the possession of humans. Because animals are creatures, they can feel and there're smart and have their own families and thoughts and way to live. But why are we thinking animals are not like humans? Humans are from animals, the animals were the first creatures on earth. However, we are killing animals to eat them (thats such absurd!), just because it's "yummy". I love animals and I want to be nice to them. We are a part of the nature, exactly like the animals. Animals are our friends
  • the environment and nature. My real passion is the nature, so I want to help and save the environment. And a really good way to do this (I can write a blog post about how I help the environment and how you could do it if you want?) is to go vegan. Because one big point is that the rainforest in south America is going to be completely grubbed because the animals in Europe have to eat soya. And on the area grubbed will be lots of soya on fields. But the rainforest is so so important for our earth and life. Firstly the rainforest is full of trees and obvious we can breath because of trees. But with a lot of trees less this will be difficult. Secondly the rainforest is home for such a lot exotic animals which can die out if the rainforest will be away. These are two big points why I am vegan because of the nature. 
  • a mini point is that I want to be healthy, but be sure, that's just kinda like side effect which I appreciate.
3 types of vegan wraps on a street marke - you will find vegan things everywhere!
3 types of vegan wraps on a street marke - you will find vegan things everywhere!
eating a rainbow everyday because of all the various vegetables and fruits is such great!
eating a rainbow everyday because of all the various vegetables and fruits is such great!

Do I eat full vegan?

To be honest - no. I am eating one egg a week (but just those from really free chickens who are happy) because my doctor told me if I eat one egg a week I will have all the things I have to get as a vegan. I also eat sometimes non vegan things, but just if they're left or if my family is not buying it again because I ate it. For example I eat birthday cakes or as I said something non vegan which is left and which would be in the trash if I wouldn't eat it. But I try to eat vegan as often as I can, so I call myself a vegan human :).

So please don't judge me, I am on my journey to veganism so I am in the state of learning and living on this journey to veganism... 

the opinion of family and friends

My family was kinda like "shocked". But now (instead of my brother) they are eating not that much meat and because I am cooking a lot and because I am eating with them together we nearly just cook vegan meals. That's such a great growth! My best friend is also vegan and try to manage it like me. Also, she has the same opinion as me so we can talk a lot about this.

And if I tell foreigns that I am vegan they're always like "I couldn't do this." (But they didn't try it...). To be honest that's the only difficult thing in being a vegan - the people. But not all, you know.

I love being vegan because...

  • it is just fun! You can try new things, you have to experiment... It's kinda like a challenge ;).
  • it changed my lifestyle. I think a lot more about food, health, nature... 
  • I can help the animals and the environment which I love!
  • And so much more which I forgot in this moment, haha ;)

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