positive morning

you've got to get up

every morning

with a smile in your face

and show the world

all the love in your heart

- Carole King

Isn't it exciting to wake up in the early sunrise and to experience how the day will be and what the day will bring in your mild and fresh mild? If you follow your footsteps in the morning it will bring you to the moon at night...

So starting with a positive morning is really good. It will make you happy the whole day, will bring you energy and positivity... You can not believe me now, I know, but if you try it, you will see how it works and I promise it will change your day and mind... :)

So I just want to tell you what I do in the morning and maybe you will be inspired.

So, just enjoy!

When I wake up I drink some water with lemon. Maybe you will know this `trick`, but it is honestly really good because it will give your body a mild and fresh energizer. Then I just sit on my cozy bed in the typical Yoga position to get calm, it is kinda like mediating. I try to focus on my breath and to let all my morning thoughts fly past like little clouds. Then I do some Yoga, just 5 minutes. After some Yoga I am always soo relaxed, so this is just a great way to start my day (for me personally). After this I go to my desk and try to write down things for which I am grateful. They just can be little things, like cosiness, the morning light, a special friend, your breakfast you will make or, ya, just things like this. This is such good for your mind because this challenge to write down grateful things every morning will let you think positive :). Then I just take a waaarm shower, use my favourite body lotion and - a loovely part of the morning - make my breakfast. I love porridge with cinnamon, nuts, agave sirup and lots of fruits! While eating this I mostly drink green tea and read the newspaper. 

That's it, these are the `special` things of my morning which let me be positive and happy! And by the way I like to sing something like "good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' sunshine" in the morning, just spread out some positive vibes... ;)

And a important last thing is to do something at the fresh air or in the nature after this morning `routine`, because this gives me some energy. 

So if you love something just try to do this in the morning, like I love nature, I am driving with my bicycle through little green streets, you can do this too with the thing you love.

Just be happy and open for this day and show the world all the love in your young heart :).

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