some thoughts about the future - flowers, climate change & freedom

I am scared to write about the future because I always think I could forgot something important to write about... But here it is, because I just have to share my thoughts about our future with you. About the future of the earth...


I have the imagination of a big wildflower field when I try to think positive about the future. A big wildflower field such cultural, wild and free, together in a group with independent and unique personalities. With blooming souls. The world have to be something beautiful in the future. 

Because you know, the earth laughs in flowers and if all the humans could be a flower too, the earth will going to be a big wildflower field.

And you also could compare a human being with a flower - a human being at the beginning is just a little seed, but if this human being is going to grow it will be bloom at the end - so just grow, go your own unique way and learn from live and then bloom like a flower and shine like the sun. Sprout, grow, bloom.


like a flower

and shine

like a sun

But to tell you some facts: All the humans are saying "Hey, we have to do something because if not the climate change will come", however, the climate change is already here. We are in the middle of the climate change. And this time is going to be the sixth time of the extinction of species. Of all the wonderful creatures. But the earth is going to be firstly fight back with for example all the storms and secondly the earth will be recuperated 5 - 10 million years after we destroyed all life. So there is this feeling which is kinda `soothing`: the life will come back some day. 

So you know, we are so little on this big earth which is also so little in the whole universe. But still we have to do something to life well. To life connected with the nature, to life in accordance with the sentence: I am free to do what I want if I don't restrict something with that. So do what you want, be free and life your live but please do not restrict other humans, the animals or the nature with your human being.


I think that's it, these are the biggest thoughts I have in the moment in relation to the future. Hopefully you can think about this a bit...

And take the nature as your inspirational source because the nature is the most wild, free, beautiful, powerful thing on earth.

I am free

to do what I want

if I don't restrict

something with that

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    Happyday (Mittwoch, 29 November 2017 17:04)

    This are wonderful thoughts. I did not do much for nature yet and I also did not thought about my own. I always wanted to and at last I could not do it for a longer time. Your blog inspired me. . I want to do something good in my life and I want to start right now. I do not want to think that I can do things l

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    Nina from elsewhere art (Mittwoch, 13 Dezember 2017 19:25)

    This words are beautifully written and very touching. Full of poesie. Thank you, you are one beautiful and talented being..