live life in the fullest spirit


This earth is full of wonders, beauty and adventures. You just have to get the courage of taking the biggest adventure you can have: to live your life. And you know what? That's it. If you have the courage to life in your fullest spirit, to live life in the best way, to do things you're dreaming of, to follow your way and to make your dreams into plans, your life will be an adventure. Because you will experience so much, if you just have the courage to start. If you just follow your intuitions. 

And to take this big adventure of living life in the fullest spirit, I want to share with you some important points...:

1. courage

Courage is so so important. If you want to start, if you want to live your life in the fullest spirit, you have to dare. 

And if you don't for example dare to travel alone in this foreign country, to start your blog, to be yourself, you will totally think in a few years "I could have done this beautiful experience but I didn't catch the chance. Now I repent for it!".

So if you have the decision of doing something or not, than do it!

Because it will be an experience - even if it wasn't that good, you learned something for yourself and you grew from it.

Also; what is the opposite of not doing it? To live your life as before? To don't catch the chance life is offering you? To don't grow? 

Maybe it could be something great, maybe it could be your destiny. But you`ll never now, if you don't try it.

So be courageous and just do it, start to live your life in the fullest spirit, start to be - because than your life will be an adventure at all.

There`s a quote I really like, because it says exactly what I mean:

"How high

does the sycamore grow?

If you cut it down,

then you`ll never know"

- colors of the wind

2. follow your intuition

Do what comes in your mind. Don`t think too long about the thing you will make, because than your courage will be gone really fast.

If you genuinely feel in your heart that something is right (or wrong), it usually is.

This feeling, this intuition comes from your soul full of honest and wisdom.

So follow your intuition, follow your soul.

Just trust yourself.

3. "it'll be great"

You just can follow your intuition and you just can be courageous if you'll think optimistic about it. If you`re thinking from the first moment something like "I am too shy/boring/not good enough/etc." or "I cannot do this, it is improbable to achieve this goal" you won't catch your dream.

You have to think positive about it, you have to be sure that you can make this, you have to be optimistic about yourself. Because you just cannot achieve you're goal if you´re already planning Plan B. Concentrate on Plan A, take your full spirit and power in your dream.

Don't let unsettle yourself. Just do your own thing. Be optimistic and it will be good. I am sure about that.

4. Live

And now start to live. Take the best from life, enjoy the little things, do what you like, experience new things, grow... Follow the flow of life. Because your life is an adventure. Living is an adventure. Take it and make it the best.

P.s. Personally I am also still trying to live my life in the fullest spirit, to understand that my life and living at all is an adventure. I am trying to go my own way and to follow all these steps. And I am sure we can do this together. We. can. do. this.

Just have the courage. Just trust yourself. It will be great. And now take the biggest adventure you'll have: living your life.

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    Nina from elsewhere art (Mittwoch, 13 Dezember 2017 19:32)

    Yes yes yes! Loving every word! So much truth and wisdom! xx