the rainforest


 "What we are doing to the forests

of the world

is but a mirror reflection

of what we are doing

to ourselves and to one another."


"There is hope

if people will begin to awaken

that spiritual part of themselves,

that heartfelt knowledge

that we are caretakers of the planet."

the nature is full of power and beauty...

 You can imagine what this will be about? Then grab yourself a fruit made of your homelands earth and write down the most important things you will change in your life from now on to save the rainforest...


The nature is powerful. The nature is beautiful. She´s painting us a sunset, she's growing green leaves. The nature is still powerful and beautiful, tough we're in the verge of switching her lungs off - the rainforest.

We're living on this earth like we are not a part of her. Like she is bad to us. Like we don't need her. We're just living our mini life, mostly selfish without taking care of our home. But why it is so hard to live in connection with the nature? Why it is so hard to don't eat palm oil? Why does we cannot stop eating animals? Because we just accepted that thousand of exotic species are dying? Because we find it is great that the earth slowly cannot breath anymore, that the green on our earth is going to be dead?

You're finding it good? I don't think so. But if you find it bad, why you're doing nothing for the rainforest? Please think about this. I'll write some things down I am doing for the rainforest, for the nature. Simple things to help our home.

my way in little stories

My first connection with the rainforest started around Silvester 2016

We went to south America and I absolutely wanted to explore the rainforest - So we slept in a lodge for two days and made a day trip through this rainforest area. We walked a long time through the rainforest and saw such a lot exotic animals and plants. The wildlife was overwhelming. It was all lush and green, the hot air, the huge butterflies around us. 

We walked on the brown ground and then paddled with a boat over a lake, the sun was shining through the leaves, the shadows on the water... Around us the rainforest.

We could hear the mysterious sounds of animals like the monkeys howling and parrots singing.

On the other side of this lake or river we ate rice in a banana leave, their was a cat and chicken walking around and lots of colorful exotic flowers. The rainforest is magical. Full of life and beauty.

In June 2017 my best friend and I backed some vegan and organic Empanadas to sell them on our school-summer festival. We made a huge and colorful poster and we had these flyers about the rainforest, about how to protect him. Afterwards we gave the money (70€) to the WWF, to safe the rainforest. This experience was so great because we could inspire other humans to do something.

Five month later, in November 2017, we passed out flyers about the rainforest (the same ones). From this day I really wanted to call myself an environmentalist, always remembering the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world."

We had lots of fun and though we were shy at the beginning we really made it! Now these humans are maybe thinking about the rainforest. Just thinking, because that's the first step.

To tell you rough what these flyers says:

  • the tropical rainforest are home for half of all animals and plants.
  • mass animals husbandry, palm oil and paper are the biggest threats.
  • the trees of the Amazon save lots of CO2 which is really important for our climate.

so what can you do to safe the rainforest?

  1. try to don't eat animals...
  2. buy food without palm oil
  3. just use recycled paper
  4. tell other humans about the things...
  5. make posters, pass out flyers, bake a cake...


thank you,


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