the little reindeer and her golden snowflakes


Once upon a time a little Reindeer called Feli with chestnut fur and a velvet red scarf lived happy and freely in Norway. She loved to jump through the snow, to search for nuts in the snowy forest and enjoyed to be given with oranges by the old woman Eva, when the sun is conjuring a light pink painting and the snowflakes are going to be stars.

Eva had a tiny house near the village and looked after all the Reindeers jumping through the nature. She took care about them, gave them oranges and cookies and told them old stories. The five Reindeers loved Eva with all their heart and visited her every evening to curl up on the huge carpet in front of the fireplace which was always warm and cosy and decorated with fairy lights and pine cones. One evening Eva told a story which Feli had to think about a long time and she never wanted to forget:

„A young girl went for a walk at the Christmas evening. She was full of cheer and after she walked through the forest of magic she saw a glade where golden shining snowflakes floated around, danced together with the wind. They swirled around the little girl and she laughed and danced and was happy about this wonder. She didn’t ask what this could be, she just enjoyed it and was glad about all the magic on this earth. She felt one with the energy and was full of love. From now on she floated together with the golden snowflakes in the royal blue sky, grateful for the warm fullness in herself.“ While Eva told this story, Feli had closed her eyes and imagined herself floating together with the golden snowflakes. She asked Eva if she could tell her how she can feel like this, such full of love and energy. But Eva just smiled and told her „Be patient, little Reindeer.“

Everyday Feli jumped through the snow with the hope of seeing some golden snowflakes – but like always they were white, white and white.

One Evening, as you could feel a festive mood in the air, Eva told her the mystery.

Feli helped her to pack in some gifts in colorful wrapping paper, as Eva kissed her on the forehead and whispered: „Your personal, unique snowflakes are shining in yourself. If you can see that all is one, connected with the energy of love, you can find your golden snowflakes and can float together with them. You will be full and warm because you will see that we all have these snowflakes. We all are love, you are love and I am love. Be connected with the hope, with your belief in your heart’s dream. So if your dream is to find your snowflakes, you will definitely find them. Because the power and strength in yourself will help you to be one with your heart and your golden snowflakes, to float together with them through the sky.“

The little reindeer Feli understand and started to go her way with shining eyes and trust in the magic.

- story by hanna

imagine golden snowflakes floating in you, imagine dancing with them, imagine this warm love and energy in your soul...
imagine golden snowflakes floating in you, imagine dancing with them, imagine this warm love and energy in your soul...

I started to write this story with no idea how it would end. I just knew I wanted to write about a reindeer because the day I wrote this was as I was gifted by a little cuddle toy reindeer with a red velvet scarf at the St. Nicholas' Day. I don't really know, but she inspired me and so I wanted to write a Christmas story. In "real life" this little cuddle toy reindeer is called Inga but in this story I wanted to give the reindeer the name Feli because it means "the happy one".

Maybe this story is about finding your unique golden snowflakes because I am thinking about finding myself, my inner child, my soul, my way, a lot at the moment. I've always tried to write a story. But to be honest I ended up by only writing two - though I had kinda like twenty ideas... 


This story about the little reindeer and her snowflakes is my (early) Christmas gift for you. I wish you such a good Christmas time and I hope you've had fun and felt well by reading this story. I also hope you feel inspired and that you maybe tell this story your family and friends - to spread out my little Christmas gift in the world.


Happy warm and lovely Christmas time



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    Norina (Montag, 11 Dezember 2017 18:54)

    Ich bin gerade einfach auf deinen Blog gestoßen, weil ich gerade eine Präsentation über den Regenwald machen muss und dein Kommentar unter einer Seite entdeckt habe.Ich habe mir darauf ein paar deiner Posts angeschaut und muss sagen: Du inspirierst mich wirklich total! Ich werde versuchen mir deine Tipps zu Herzen zu nehmen.Toll,dass du dich so dafür einsetzt.
    Dir auch eine schöne Weihnachtszeit!