about self love


Close your eyes

and connect yourself

with your home

the divine waves of your soul

the green leaves,

full with the energy of love.

take care

and be kind to yourself

as you would be to your friends.

we are made of mother nature

so we can be proud

to be part of this


we are all connected

together we are unique

and shining.

our body's

are doing so much for us

we can breath

we can think

we can smile

we can feel

we can sing

we can dance

so take care

cause it's

the temple 

of your soul.


- little poem by me

I wanted to talk about self love for a long time, but I never really wrote it down. So yesterday I wrote a spontaneous little poem and I think it is really saying everything I've learned about self love in this year.

In late spring/early summer I started to learn that we are all nature. I remember lying in the grass of our home garden and feeling the sun on my skin and the life around me. I wrote something in my dairy in this moment cause I felt so peaceful and enough in this moment. Here a little part of my entry:


"In the garden. I love you, earth. I am a piece of you. I belong to you, as the animals and plants. Lying in the sun, between all the flowers and bees. All my friends. Natural, made of the earth. I am nature. You are nature. The blue sky, the warm sun, the beautiful flowers, the little bees, my body and my soul. nature. pure nature. We are one."


It is beautiful to know that I am made of nature. And I am so proud of being nature, cause it's a miracle and a wonder.

Together with this thought I found out, that it is also a wonder that we all can breath and walk and eat. So we shouldn't say "Hey, our legs are too fat", cause you know something? Because of our legs we can walk and run and dance and jump. And they're humans on this earth without legs who would LOVE to have your legs and they would LOVE them in every second. 

And the same with your belly and your mouth, your hands and your nose...


In late summer/early autumn I guess, I've heard a podcast named "how you can heal the relationship with your body".

With these thoughts of this wonderful woman, I recognized that our body is the temple of our soul. And our soul is something so divine and natural, unique and bright, that we really have to care about our body. We have to fall in love with healing our body, with taking care of it, so with eating plants and colors and doing yoga where you can concentrate on your breath and can live in the moment and drinking pure water and thinking positive, hugging our loves and listen to our feelings.

Please take care of your body, divine soul.


Also in autumn I think, I red or heard something with a message which really overwhelmed me. It was like that:

How would you speak with your friends or your family? Do you would say them "You're fat!" or "two numbers to high, little friend."? Surely and totally not! Cause you love your friends just because they are theirselves. And not because they're pretty having nice hair or a flat belly. So do the same with yourself. Be friendly and kind to it, as you would be to your loves.


You're beautiful. If you're slim or fat, little or big, black or white or pink or yellow...

Cause the thing which really depends at the end, is your soul. And I belief a healed or healing soul is beautiful and divine.

HOWEVER your body looks like, LOVE HIM. Cause if you love yourself you can love everyone and everything.


Little tips for loving yourself:

- hear podcasts and read something about this cause it will inspire you soo much!

- Be in nature, run and dance around, FEEL the sun, FEEL the nature, FEEL your flow

- have a little mantra saying to yourself... something like "I am blooming and shining" or "my body is the temple of my divine soul"...


P.s. It's not that I am not struggling with my body sometimes. But I am in the state of healing.

And I know we can do this together. We can heal. We can love ourselves. 

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