Winter Favorites

Chocolate Chai Tea:

I was always a big tea lover, but at the beginning of February I found this tea called Choco Chai (by Yogi Tea) and it's delicious! 

This tea tastes like bitter chocolate mixed with some herbs.

Tip: It tastes amazing if you add a some oat milk to your tea. The milk makes it mild, creamy and even more chocolatey.  

Astrology Hand-Book:

I had an eye on this for several months now and finally bought it. It is an excellent astrology guide for everyone who wants to know how to read a birth chard, what the elements and planets mean and what your zodiac sign tells about your (or your friends) personality.


I really like to move my body in those cold winter months - especially when the sun decides to show her light for a few hours. My favorite winter sport activities are jogging, swimming and ice skating. I also love skiing but that's something I haven't done in years.


I normally am not a fan of the word "must-have". But seriously, a fleece jacket IS a must-have! I am always cold in winter and a fleece jacket never fails to keep me warm. 


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