festival for the environment

On Sunday I went to the environmental festival in Berlin. I adore the nature and I am really interested in making the world a better place, you know.

Because of that I just wanted to have a look on this festival for the environment... And it was great! A lot of white-red striped tents were along the street and obviously a lot of peaceful humans. Humans who (I hope so) want to help the environment. Probably humans like me who are wearing thrifted shirts and driving with the bicycle to the vegan cafe... ;)

So nearly in the first second I decided to like this festival...

As I told you about the tents: there were a lot of tents from aid organizations (where I grabbed a lot of flyers..) but also some with nice bracelets, soaps, food, clothing and stuff like that. I loved the jewelry from "You're the most beautiful" (it is a german shop - they're selling jewelry on markets in Berlin) and I don't wanted to get away from this tent.

There were also pigs! Light pink dirty creatures lying in the shadow... So cute! But I personally think it's not that good to drive them in a car to this festival with a lot of loud people and put them into this little square... but I guess it is good to show the people how cute they are and to present an environmental friendly farm... 

All in all it was a peaceful festival for the environment with interesting tents, food (also vegan btw.), music and sustainable things to buy... This afternoon was absolutely great on this festival and it was nice to see some humans like me, you know :).

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