our wet friends

You have to know that I adore the ocean. The sparkling, blue ocean in the shining sun with the wild waves or a smooth surface. 

It is fantastic. It is a world we can’t know. With million of other creatures. It is a colorful unknown world. 

I love it to be at the ocean, to smell the salty water and to have this peaceful and relaxed feeling.

So I want to help the ocean.

I want to help our wet friends which are endangered because of us. Because oft he humans, who just think about their own, unnatural life.

Who don’t think like they love all creatures and they want to save all life on the beautiful earth. But I guess, it’s just because they don’t know

(Or don't want to know) the fact that, for example, whales and dolphins are endangered. 

I personally like the website of the WDC.  There are many facts about whales and dolphins  and also you can read about

how to help them. It is really helpful and it shows you the truth!

So, my friend and I went in the city to pass out flyers. I think it was a good campaign because some people talked with us

about it and others just smiled and showed us a thumps up.

Do small things

with great love

- Mother Teresa

 If you do small things but with great love, you can make a difference. Because all things are starting small to be big and great one day. 

By the way, that reminds me of another quote: „Be the change that you want to see in the world.“ from Mahatma Gandhi. 

This quote is such an inspiration for me because I made the personal experience that I can't change other people. I just can be an inspiration for them, so maybe they're thinking something like 'Hey, I also want to be such creative and happy!'

Okay, thats it. I hope you are thinking a little bit of the ocean and the animals we have to save and about yourself (you are great and you can make whatever you want, I belief!).

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