Just being a kid - world children's day

It is a day, to show the world that a lot of kids are wronged. In some countries kids are living in poverty, hungry, without a safe roof over their heads. They are growing up in distress, without having the guilt for this. They were born and growing up with the mistakes of bad humans. Also these kids hadn’t get possibilities for an education. Are these kids knowing what reading and writing is? If they’re growing up they can’t get the possibility to provide their family enough or to get a nice job. Having a good life, without suffering. A goal hard to achieve. That’s sad but true and because of that we have to help a lot more than today. Because the number of starving humans is increased. – Think of our nice childhood with a lot of sweets and sumptuous meals with our whole family. We have to do something that poor kids can get this possibility too, to get a carefree life. Did you know that our food trade is absolutely wasteful? A cucumber is a bit to curvy so we’re putting it in the trash – no problem because it’s obvious today. But it shouldn’t. Because of these absurd things Europe is putting nine million tons food per year in the trash. And kids have to be hungry? There is something wrong...

I will honor Christmas in my heart,

and try to keep it all the year

- Charles Dickens

Christmas is a festival for love and giving – you open your heart and everything around you is full with the sound of peaceful bells. It still often happens that you’re putting five euros in the hand of a homeless human or something like this. You’re baking cookies with your family harmonious and gregarious. The hands are meeting together, the air is full of smile and christmassy music. Exactly that, you should have in your heart the whole year. Because that is the feeling of Christmas. And then you have to give poor kids Christmas. Because just with the feeling of Christmas, the harmonious and peaceful feeling, you can go in the fight against suffering...

"Kids we're coming!"

"And then y'all just can be kids."

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