Who I am? This question sounds simple, but it isn't. Because I am just on the journey to myself, to be the fullest version of my human being.

But though right in this moment I want to tell you something about me. Just something important, my love, my passion, something which makes me me, you know. I don't want to tell you that I am blonde, that I have blue eyes or something like that. Because that says nothing about me. Absolutely nothing. 

In this world it is hard to find yourself. Too many lost souls, too much suffering, too much selfishness...

But I am on the earth to find my way, my journey, to life my little live full of love. Because I am love. You are love. We are love.

I am changing everyday a little bit. And that's really great. But because of that I don't want to tell you something which could be... not me anymore in a little time. But this year (2017) did so much with me, so I truly think that I found my passion; the nature. The nature is the most beautiful existing thing on earth with so many beautiful, exotic, interesting creatures we don't know and we have to help. I want to help the nature. I love the nature with all my heart and soul. And because of that I am proudly vegan which is another part of my journey. As you can see I am on a big journey. But I truly think that's the meaning of living. To find your way. To be yourself. To feel love, freedom and gratefulness. To be happy.

I guess we are all longing for happiness. And I want to feel my own little happiness all the time and for that I am going my long, little way. To be happy. And you know, happiness means so much. For me personally it means love, gratefulness, mindfulness... It doesn't mean that you never feel bad. But I think when you're truly happy, you can be positive in every kinda bad situation...


If I should describe myself in a few words or sentences I would choose these ones: natural, free, wild, creative, sensitive, curious, lovely, aesthete. 

But I just want to say that I am so much more than these words. I am an earthling with so much unique feelings, dreams, thoughts and memories...


I'll write about a lot of things on this blog. About my journey to happiness which includes my passion and loves. About the nature. Just about things I am thinking about in the moment, which I want to share with you.

Just feel well and cozy here, please. Make yourself a cup of tea, get a huge green smile on this nature-inspired happiness blog and just feel inspired.


P.s. This text is a bit messy, but hey, in my mind is such a lot at the moment, so it just shows that my mind is a bit messy today...


thank you,