water falls from the sky

Some people feel the rain,

others just get wet. - Bob Dylan

I went for a run and I felt really well and elated. First I ran through little streets and then they were more and more trees and blades of grass. I looked up to the sky in the green and windy trees and then I saw the dark cloudes. And then, suddenly, it started raining. The rain drops felt from the sky on my hair but I don’t cared. A few meters away I ran on a little mountain and then I stand still and, I swear, I felt the rain. I was like maybe rain is magic. I felt fresh and full of energy and then I ran home.

I enjoyed this run so much, because I found out that rain is a thing which is blessing for the earth. You have to remember, without rain flowers and plants can’t grow. Without rain people die of thirst. I imagined a little child which stands under the water who falls from the dark but also sunny sky. And in my mind this child danced under the rain. Because rain is a blessing, rain is a wonder.

just water.
just water.

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